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Our Fire Department

Crawford County Fire District No.1, Baker Township Fire Department, was formed by Crawford County Resolution in 1975. Establishing the First County Tax Funded Fire Department in Crawford County. Within one year the County formed its Second Fire District, District No.2, serving the two townships to the north. These remained the only County Fire Districts until 2000, when the County established Fire District No.3 Serving the Sheridan Township to our West, and then just recently in 2005, formed its Fourth Fire District serving Crawford Township covering the area around Girard, Kansas. In total, Crawford county has 16 operating fire departments.

Emergency Medical Services are provided by both Crawford County EMS and some of the county fire departments. Law Enforcement is handled by the Crawford County Sheriffs Department as well as Pittsburg, Girard and Arma Police Departments. In Addition, there are numerous communities that utilize local marshals to assist in Law Enforcement Issues.

Our Fire Department operates from three stations strategically located around the City of Pittsburg. Our boundaries are East to the Missouri State Line, North to 580th Avenue or McKay Street in Frontenac, South to the Cherokee County Line (US400, K171) and West to 180th Street (Approx. 4 Miles West of Pittsburg).

As with many fire departments our mission is very much the same, protect the lives and property of the citizens within our district. Therefore we strive to improve our services and equipment on a continual basis. Over the last 10 years we have improved equipment and updated stations to fulfill that commitment to the community, and we continue to be dedicated to this same philosophy in the future.

Management Structure:

Our Department operates under the Crawford County Commissioners and a Board of their Representatives or Trustees. We have a seven member board of trustees that assist with large financial decisions, legal issues, and communication back to the Crawford County Commission. The Day to Day Management of the department is by an appointed Chief and his Officers. The Officers of the department manage all other aspects of the department with the Chief reporting to the Board of Trustees on a Monthly Basis.

We currently average around 28 firefighters, and respond to an average of 165 calls per year.

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